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Discover the power of resilience and strength in Nicole Lawson's groundbreaking memoir, RECORD OF WRONG. This is her first solo publication, a declaration of truth and independence that documents her journey as a survivor of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence. Read this inspiring story and be empowered to reclaim your own voice and freedom.
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About The Book

Join author, Nicole Lawson, as she embarks on a momentous journey—a journey of liberation, healing, and the reclamation of her inner child's emotional wounds. Today, we are thrilled to introduce her personal memoir, "Record of Wrong," a courageous testament that exposes the abusers who shaped her life and holds them accountable.

In Ms. Lawson's journey of healing and self-discovery, she cannot deny the profound impact that her upbringing had on shaping who she is today. Her parents played significant roles in her life, and it's essential to recognize and acknowledge the dynamics that existed within her family. Growing up, her father's behavior exhibited narcissistic tendencies, and her mother, in turn, displayed codependent patterns.

While these characteristics influenced their family dynamic, it's important to recognize that her parents, like everyone else, are imperfect beings shaped by their own life experiences. Nicole Lawson's childhood experiences in such an environment had a lasting effect on her, and she found herself navigating through unhealthy patterns and relationships in her adult life. She endured and survived domestic violence, a painful consequence of the unhealthy upbringing that, unfortunately, groomed her for continued abuse for much of her adult life.

Approaching these revelations with empathy and understanding, Nicole is working towards healing and breaking the cycle of dysfunction that once surrounded her. In her memoir, Record Of Wrong, Nicole Lawson invites you to join her as she embarks on the transformative process of purging the lifetime effects of her challenging upbringing. Within these pages, you will witness the depths to which she journeyed, desperate to break free from the chains that bound her.

Drawing inspiration from the Bible, which consists of 66 books, she draws upon the scripture's proclamation that love holds no record of wrong. As her story unfolds, you will encounter 66 chapters that finally break free, as the scriptures prescribe, but not before embracing accountability and freeing herself through the resolute truth etched within her testimony.

We humbly request your support as Ms. Lawson embarks on what she considers to be the final chapter of her healing—a courageous act of emancipation through the release of "Record of Wrong." Together, let us shatter the chains that have confined her and many like her for far too long. To all those who have endured the harrowing effects of narcissistic abuse, particularly those who experienced it during their tender years, this memoir is a beacon of strength and solace, an offering of personal fortitude and profound peace.

Join Nicole Lawson on this transformative journey, and be among the first to catch a glimpse of the book by placing your pre-order now. Order this book and embrace the power of liberation!

We invite you to be a part of this courageous movement. Let us come together to break free from the chains of the past and embrace the power of self love, self compassion, personal boundaries personal growth!

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Intensely reflective…Record of Wrong will be a mirror for so many people who pick this work up. You see, we want truth to be disseminated in a way that sooths our pallets, but there are people living with the daily torment of the truth in their life. Nicole demonstrates bravery, vulnerability, agony, resiliency and so much more in this memoir. It will no doubt speak volumes to those who have been hiding in the silent shadows for years. In today’s society we often hear “forgive and forget” or “you’ve moved on to better things” but there is never an accurate measurement for trauma…especially from the ones we trust and love. We are very fortunate to be alive to witness this moment of unprecedented courage!

~ C.L. King
Author - Public Speaker
Impacting Life 24/7 - Founder
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What a privilege it was to read Nicole Lawson’s book titled “Record of Wrong”. As an International Evidence Specialist and author, currently working in Forensics for the last 20 years this book really engages the reader from start to finish as if you’re actually walking with her in the moments of her pain as a young child and various stages of her life. For me it’s like visiting a crime scene after the fact but putting the pieces together through her writings of each chapter. Her story is emotional and yet brave of her to put it all out there. I would strongly encourage the purchase of this book and be ready for an emotional journey as you read. True strength and boldness from the author Nicole Lawson to tell her story in hopes that it might help men and women dealing with emotional abuse. Giver and receiver. Job well done Nicole!! Talented body of work. I can’t wait for your second book part two.  Fathers hug your daughters.

~ Gregory Smith
Retired US Marine GySgt
Forensic International Evidence Specialist


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